Fantastic Maths

In maths we looked at the 3-D shapes on Bottlenose Bay harbour and discussed their properties.  After this we made 3-D shapes out of straws.  It was great fun.

Word of the Day was ‘forlorn’ and here are some of our sentences.

The amazing day of work

In the morning, we did guided reading but it was different because we did it in the library.  We looked at atlases and other books that are related to our geography topic and when we found an interesting fact we had to write it down for our display.

In mathematics we used Harry and the Jaggedy Daggers to learn about 3-D shapes and we played a game where we had to hide our shape from our partner and they asked questions about the shape to see if they could guess what it was.  After this we played the post-it note game to guess the 3-D shape which was great fun but very hard to not give the answer away!

Written by Thomas and Tiffany.

In the afternoon we started hockey in P.E. and Mrs Johanson was extremely impressed with our ball control skills so we started passing the ball to each other and we’ll continue with this next week.

Word of the Day was ‘disobedient’ and here are some of our sentences.

Welcome to Bottlenose Bay

This morning we returned to school and things were a bit different.  We were collected from the playground and Mrs Johanson read Harry and the Jaggedy Dagger to us before we came into Cherry Class, sorry, Bottlenose Bay!  Over Easter our classroom has been transformed and it looks brilliant.

We spent some time exploring our new classroom and all of the fantastic props that have been made by our parents.

We even got to use the compass in our maths lesson when we had to describe directions on the map of Bottlenose Bay.  We had to make sure our directions were accurate and we realised that there is often more than one way to get somewhere.  We are becoming experts at using the language of direction and learnt about the 8 points on a compass.

In the afternoon we started putting our class tune for recorders together and in topic we learnt about the continents of the world.  We had to find and locate these on a world map and some of us even labelled the different oceans in the world.  A great first day back and tomorrow we’ll be looking at Harry in more detail in our English lesson.

Handball and Easter Cards

Yesterday we took part in our inter-house handball competition with Year 4.  Each house played a 6 minute game of handball against each other and it was lots of fun.   In the afternoon we had our last swimming lesson and we were all very quiet when we returned to school.  Thank you to Mrs Hayat for treating us to a Capri Sun and biscuits!

After handball we made some Easter cards for our families.  They look great and we enjoyed using water colours for our background.

Never Eat Shredded Wheat

This morning in maths we learnt about angles as a turn.  We know that there are 4 quarter turns on a four point compass and we were quite good at describing turns using a compass.  After this we tried it with a clock which was a bit trickier but we will keep practicing.

Food, glorious food (and sunshine)

This morning we took advantage of the sunshine and went outside for our maths lesson.  We used an app called Skitch to take photos of parallel and perpendicular lines and annotate the photos.  It was lots of fun and we founds lots of examples of these lines on the school grounds.

In the afternoon we designed a Victorian style poster in topic for our delicious  handmade ice cream.  We also tasted our three flavours and they were so scrumptious that Mrs Hobbs, Mrs Crichard and Mrs Wren came to try them.  We definitely recommend that you make your own ice cream!

Prefixes and Word of the Day

This morning in maths we were learning about parallel and perpendicular lines.  We are enjoying this and will be moving onto angles tomorrow.

Word of the Day was ‘undisputed’ and here are some of our sentences.

We learning about prefixes this term in our grammar lessons and today we were looking at the ‘dis’ prefix.  Some of us worked with Mrs Johanson to find as many words in the dictionary with the ‘dis’ and ‘un’ prefix and these words will be going up on display.

Tag Rugby and Ice Cream

Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a long PE lesson in the glorious sunshine.  We played tag rugby games that helped us to practise our attacking and defending skills.  Mrs Johanson was impressed with how determined we were to win points for our teams.

All week we have been busy making strawberry, banana and peppermint and chocolate ice cream.  We applied our measuring skills we recently learnt in maths and have enjoyed licking the paddle and tasting each one from the bowl.  Tomorrow we’ll be eating the ice-cream in our topic lesson and then begin writing instructions on how to make ice-cream in English.  Thank you for helping us with this and loaning the ice cream makers.

Super sentences and Victorian toys

Yesterday we were focusing on our sentence work and had to choose three previous Words of the Week to write in sentences.  Can you spot any of them?  We tried hard to also include a fronted adverbial and some speech.

This week’s Word of the Week is ‘futile’ and here are some of our sentences.

In topic we learnt about Victorian toys and had a play with some.  We learnt that there were big differences in the quality of toys that rich children had compared to poor children.  Did you know that poor children had to make their own marbles by breaking glass bottles!

Drumming Workshops.

On Wednesday we had a drumming workshop where we learnt the names of some different drums and listened to Ben playing the drums.  We were lucky enough to have a go and it was great fun.  Fliers have been sent home to sign up for lessons if you’re interested.