Play Scripts Performances

Yesterday in English we worked in groups to perfect a drama performance following a play script.  We thought very hard about what life was like in a Victorian Workhouse and how we can show this by changing our facial expressions and body language.  We performed our scene to each other and gave positive and constructive feedback to each group.

Preparations for our Mothers’ Day service are well underway and today we are busy making beautiful cards for our mums.  Remember that our service will begin at 2pm.

Monday catch-up

On Monday we learnt a new division method in maths.  It’s called the bus stop method and when you get the hand of it, it’s pretty easy.

The NSPCC came in for a thank you assembly because we raised £2064 for our sponsored danceathon.  Here were are showing off our moves.

In computer we were describing the Mad Hatter because we are going to make a movie trailer about him!

Written by Harry and Amelie.


Amazing Art

This afternoon we used frames to focus on one section of a William Morris print and we then sketched it in our books.  This was a challenging art lesson but we were all up for having a go and we produced some truly fabulous sketches.  We will be turning these into prints over the next few weeks.

Please Sir, can I have some more?

This morning we started our unit on play scripts and we looked at their features.  We highlighted these features on one scene from Oliver Twist before reading it as a class.  We are looking forward to putting a proper drama piece together over the coming weeks.

Cat and Mouse

This afternoon we enjoyed practising our throwing and catching skills for tag rugby.  We found it quite hard to not throw the ball in front of us but we got there in the end.  After this we played a game of cat and mouse and this is when you have to tag your partner and collect their ribbon.  It was lots of fun.

After P.E we learnt about Victorian workhouses in topic.  These were not nice places to live and children were separated from their parents and had to work very hard.  We can tell you lots more about workhouses at home.

Measuring Scales and the Recorder Family

This morning we used weighing scales to measure the weight of various items in the classroom.  We had to read the scales carefully and remember that not all scales are the same.  This was lots of fun and tomorrow we are going to record our data onto bar charts.  We’re especially looking forward to making ice cream in the coming weeks after we’ve learnt about ml.

In recorders we learnt about the recorder family.  There are lots of different types of recorder that come in various sizes and range from £4 – £4500+ to buy.  The contrabass is taller than Mrs Barker!

The Best Class Assembly EVER!

This morning we did our class assembly and it was brilliant!  Thank you so much for coming to watch us talk about what we’ve been up to this year.  We still have lots to cover and we’re sure that Mrs Johanson will make another montage of terms 4-6.  We hoped you enjoyed GoNoodle at the end!

Tag Rugby

This afternoon we started our Tag Rugby unit in P.E.  We played some games to help us with our defending and attacking skills.  We enjoyed stuck in the mud and found the Octopus game a little trickier because we had to touch the ‘free’ people with the ball without dropping it or throwing it.

More Measuring

This morning we were learning about cm and metres. There are 100cm in 1 metre.  We enjoyed using tape measures to measure our heights before putting them in order.

Word of the day was ‘contagious’ and here are some of our sentences.

In English we started reading Oliver Twist and then answered some questions about the first chapter.


Measuring in Maths

On Monday we recapped measuring in cm and mm.  We know that there are 10mm in 1cm so to find out how many mm are in 3cm we do 3 x 10 which equals 30.  There are 30mm in 3cm.  For our activity we investigated this question ‘Are both our feet the same size?’  Here we are measuring the size of our feet in cm and mm to get accurate measurements.

We found out that nobody in Cherry Class has the same size feet.