Monthly Archives: September 2015

Mental Maths

This morning we learnt how to subtract by counting up. We know that the smallest number goes first on the number line and we count up to get to the biggest number.  Next we add the hops together to find out the difference between our numbers.  All of us worked very hard and Mrs Johanson was really impressed with our neat work. 


Animal diaries

This morning we started reading Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine for our recount unit in English.  We wrote character profiles for our animals and had to include alliteration in our character’s name. Here are some of our animal character names.

Brave Bat who likes going on adventures (Logan).

Tactical Tortoise who enjoys fresh lettuce and a warm house (Charlie).

Cruel Cat who is raven black and has emerald green eyes (Molly).

We had our second music lesson with Mrs Blacker which was great fun.  


A day in Stone Age Houses

We learnt to play the recorders with Miss Taylor and we did our first note (B) and we even played to a tune. We had a lot of fun drawing and labelling Stone Age houses, some roofs were made out of manure, clay, straw and mud. 

We had another outstanding day in Cherry Class. 


Our first recorder lesson.
Ava’s drawing of a Stone Age house.

Stone Age Cave Drawings.

Today we learnt about verbs and adverbs in English. A verb describes what someone or something is doing.   An adverb gives more detail about the movement. Amelia and Annie came up with this example:

The snake slithered quickly.

It was our first day using mathletics at school. We answered questions about smaller and bigger numbers and some of us played ‘live mathletics’. 

We finished the day with some Stone Age art and began some cave drawings.  Mrs Johanson showed us some cave paintings and some were nice and some were spooky!


Kung Fu Punctuation

Today we learnt Kung Fu Punctuation to help us remember our capital letters and full stops for our sentences.  We practised writing sentences and tried very hard not to always start our sentences with I. Here are some that we wrote;

The bomb exploded. BANG! (Sam)

My brother’s pumpkin is growing lots! (Molly)

I shouted at my brother! (Skye)

Alife changed “I love Lego” to “My Lego is precious.”

We joined The Stone Age time and started our topic.  We have had a very fun day in Cherry Class.

A fun day in Cherry Class

It was a fantastic second day. We used our new maths book for the first time and used number lines to help us put 2-digit numbers in the right place. In the afternoon we did PE and we got changed in record breaking time and earned two Dojo points each. We learnt throwing and catching skills and Mrs Johanson showed us an underarm throw, bounce pass and a chest pass.  


Welcome back!

We had a great start to the year in Cherry Class today.  We made colourful artwork for our maths books and reminded ourselves that we can use our mistakes to help us learn.  In English we wrote sentences about our most precious item and used adjectives to describe it.  After lunch we designed our front covers for our topic books and to finish the day, we used the iPads and did a quick quiz on Kahoot, which we all really enjoyed.