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End of term 1

I can’t believe that 7.5 weeks have been and gone!  It’s been a busy but fun filled term and the children are adapting well to Key Stage 2.  Dojo points have been a huge hit and the children have worked hard to earn a mouth dropping 2,211.  Next term they will be aiming to reach 4,000 points to earn their reward of hosting a ‘Cherry Class Christmas Cafe’ for parents!

The blog will be updated over the half term with all of the exciting things that we’ll be learning next term.  Don’t forget that you can comment on our posts and please encourage extended family members to take a look and comment as well.  The children absolutely love reading them.

Enjoying Molly's birthday cookies.
Enjoying Molly’s birthday cookies.
Being hunter gatherers.
Being hunter gatherers.
Enjoying our cinema Dojo reward.
Enjoying our cinema Dojo reward.


Today we were very lucky because Graham (Skye and Mattie’s Dad) came in and told us about his travels around Japan.  He told us that Mount Fuji is an active volcano.  Lots of us found the bullet train REALLY interesting.  Mrs Johanson and Mrs Barker dressed up in Kimonos and we were given some delicious biscuits decorated with the Japanese flag!  Because it is World Maths Day as well, we learnt how to play Sudoku and then played the world on Mathletics.

Listening to Graham eagerly.
Listening to Graham eagerly.


Big write and computing

Today we did a setting description for our Big Write.  We needed to use lots of adjectives and write about what we could see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Here are some examples of our writing:

As I walked into the spooky forest I could see wobbly and crooked trees (Josh). 

I could see putrid rotten deer that a wolf was devouring (Sam). 

I reached out to touch a soft, slimy frog as it sat on a hard and knobbly tree stump (Oliver). 

The jagged twisted trees were looming in the distance (Skye). 

When I went into the forest I smelt a putrid smell of… a dead salty body that a wolf was devouring (Amelia-Rose). 

In the afternoon we did computing and learnt how to edit and format text. It was brilliant.