Monthly Archives: January 2016


This morning we did Orienteering and we had to look for signs, numbers, symbols and letters.  We were paired up so we could work as a team to crack the code.

The champions of the first round – finding the letters that match up with the symbols.
The champions of the second round – using numbers to find the letters to make three and four letter words (tricky)!
The winners of the final round. This time we had to use the letters to help us find the numbers and then complete + – and x number sentences.


Later in maths we tried something new, adding 3-digit numbers using a written method. We are going to keep practising this because some of us found it tricky.

The Living Rainforest

Today we went on a school trip to The Living Rainforest in Newbury.  We learnt all about how animals and plants adapt to survive in their environment.  We saw lots of exciting things that include poison dart frogs, goeldi monkeys, toucans, stingrays, guppy fish, the giant taro plant, trumpet tree and cacao plants.  Some of us were even lucky enough to see Cinnamon the sloth and Harry the armadillo.

image image image image image image image

Magnificent Monday

Today we have been learning the differences between what we want and what we need. We did a trusting exercise where we gently pushed our partners to another partner and listened to what they wanted and needed.  Some of us needed to go slower and some of us wanted to go faster.



In guided reading some of us read non-fiction books about the rainforest.  In maths we are continuing our fraction work and today we identified tenths.

Marvellous maths and awesome art.

Today we continued with fractions and began to find fractions of amounts. It was quite tricky to begin with but once we remembered to divide our amount by the denominator it started to get easier.

image image

In the afternoon we painted our salt dough models of South America. We worked in groups of three to decide which countries to paint which colour because we couldn’t have countries the same colour if they were touching each other.

image image image image

A busy first week.

Last week we did lots of fun activities on our topic, The Rainforest.  In computing we learned how to use Swiggle to help us research information about rainforests.

Molly and Annie found this interesting caterpillar.
Molly and Annie found this interesting caterpillar.

Our maths work is coming on really well and some of us worked with Mrs Johanson to investigate how many numbers we could make with ten counters. We had to work in a logical and systematic way so we could prove that we had made all the numbers possible.

image image image

On Thursday we got our Judo kits and had to remind ourselves who was the Tori (attacker) and Uki (defender) for the moves we have learnt so far.



Wonderful Rainforests

Today we did lots of work on our new topic, Rainforests. In music we listened to the sounds of a rainforest and wrote notes about what we could hear then we watched a video of rainforest body percussion and we are hoping to try this ourselves! Later we watched a video and did a sensory walk through a rainforest (there are lots of creepy crawlies!). The best part of the day was making salt dough models of South America, the home of the Amazon Rainforest.