Monthly Archives: February 2016

Fantastic English.

This morning we did English and read Grendel: A Cautionary Tale about Chocolate. Mrs Johanson read us a bit of the story and we had to storyboard what might happen next.


After break we did maths and we learnt how to measure straight lines in cm and mm. We are getting very good at this and instead of writing 8cm 4mm we are now up levelling this to 8.4cm.

This blog post was written by Ethan and Kairan.

First day back!

This morning we headed over to Avon Valley College for an orienteering festival with Yrs 1 and 2 plus some other schools.  There were four different stations and we had to use our teamwork skills to complete as many sections as we could at each station.  The cone map was one of our favourites.  It was a great day and we’ll probably need early nights tonight!

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This morning we worked very hard on our story big writes. We watched a video of a boy who visits a museum to look at dinosaur fossils. It was up to us continue and finish the story.  Here are just a few of our superb sentences:

Suddenly a dart of light plummets onto James’ hand… (Molly)

…as he fled, the dinosaur got closer and closer… (Annie)

Suddenly Tom saw a creepy skeleton magically come to life! (Josh)

…the dino’s made a tactile decision to find and capture James… (Nicholas)