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Awesome Angles.

Today we learnt about acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles. We explored the school grounds to find these angles and used the iPads and the Skitch app to record our learning.

image image image

We continued with our explanation texts and wrote excellent paragraphs to explain one of the reasons why scientists believe dinosaurs are extinct. Hopefully they will be finished tomorrow!

By Amelia
By Amelia

Excellent Explanations!

This morning we worked extremely hard on writing the introduction to our explanation text. Mrs Johanson and Mrs Barker had their magic pens and this helped us to remember our capital letters, conjunctions , technical vocabulary and punctuation to end our sentences.  Here are two examples of the outstanding work we have all produced.

By Zara
By Zara
By Charlie
By Charlie

Some of us were lucky enough to show our writing to Miss Duffy and lots of us Seesaw’ed our work.


Spellings and Subtractions

Yesterday some of us were learning the spelling rule ‘spelling the j sound with a j.  The j sound can be at the beginning or in the middle of words. Here we are writing words that apply to the rule on the school playground with chalk!

image image image

In maths we were learning about ‘exchanging’ when subtracting. We are starting to understand this but will keep practising because it’s a bit tricky.

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Fantastic Friday

This morning we had an assembly from Wiltshire Air Ambulance and one of us got to wear a real pilots helmet!  The Air Ambulance has to raise £3.2 million a year to keep the helicopter going so we have chosen to donate the £51.95 we made from our cafe to Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

image image

We wrote explanations in our English books to explain why we were a) late for school, b) not done our homework or c) not looking after our pet dinosaur.  After break we did recorders with Mrs Taylor and we learnt how to play the c note.

In the afternoon we went onto Swiggle and Google and changed the order of words to see what different search results came up.

A very busy day in Cherry Class

Today we found lots more words with the ‘j’ sound spelt ‘ge’ at the end. These include marriage, spillage, plunge, garage, carriage, sponge and lots more. After we wrote silly sentences using some of these words.

In topic we learnt about man made and natural rocks.  Man made rocks include brick, concrete and coade stone. There are three types of natural rock which are called igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We also learnt that magma is molten rock inside the volcano and when it erupts, the magma is called lava.

After lunch we presented our dinosaur projects that we did in half term. Some of us made books and posters and lots of us used PowerPoint that had good animations. We saw some Scratch and even heard a Podcast. The special treat was seeing a velociraptor in our classroom. Yes inside our classroom!