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Terribly good topic

This afternoon Cherry Class looked at healthy eating and how important a healthy balanced diet is. We learnt about different food groups and categorised foods into the five food groups of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dairy and fruit and vegetables.


We completed a topic grid for the animals including humans element of our topic. We have lots of interesting questions that we would like to answer which include;

What are our eyes made of?

Who is the tallest person on Earth?

What is skin made of?

Are king cobras poisonous?


Arty Crafty

This morning we began our new maths unit on shape.  We recapped some 2-D shapes and we now know that we need to use ‘edges’ and ‘vertices’ to describe properties of shapes.

This afternoon we finished our blue skies art and we made dazzling pictures of different weathers and these weathers were rain, sunshine and lightening.  We used tissue paper, crepe paper and card.

27-09-2016 145750

Amazing Art

This morning we learnt three more words from Year 3 and 4 word list.  They are: appear, reappear and disappear.  We did rainbow writing for our activity and then in our spelling lessons we looked at different sounds/ spelling rules.

26-09-2016 095316 26-09-2016 103834 26-09-2016 103838

This afternoon we did art linked to harvest.  We painted blue skies because that is what Cherry Class will be doing for Harvest service this Friday.

26-09-2016 140649 26-09-2016 140732

After that we learnt a G in recorders and Mrs Taylor is amazed that we can play Hot Cross Buns so well this early in the year!

Epic English

Today we have worked really hard in English identifying some key features of information texts and then ‘boxing up’ our Talk 4 Writing text.  This will help us to plan and write our own engaging information texts which we will start next week.  We spent some time looking at and writing some topic sentences as well.

23-09-2016 110002

This afternoon some of us went to Warminster School to take part in their primary cross country festival.  It was lots of fun and we looked very smart in our school kit.

23-09-2016 162026

The rest of us had an equally fun afternoon and made scientific predictions for a comparative experiment that we will carry out next week…

A busy third week!

20-09-2016 110019

This week has been so busy we’ve hardly had time to blog!  We are still working hard on our Talk 4 Writing and have finished learning our information text and writing our text maps.  These will be seesawed home tomorrow!

We've started learning to spell words from the Year 3 and 4 word list.
We’ve started learning to spell words from the Year 3 and 4 word list.

In maths we are becoming more confident everyday with our mental addition and subtraction.  Some of us have even shown our work to Mrs Brewis and Mrs Chapman while Mrs Johanson has been giving out success stamps left, right and centre.

20-09-2016 113908 22-09-2016 115218

On Tuesday we went to the woods and used digital cameras to photograph different plants so we can identify their different parts.  We spent some time looking at the natural materials and thinking about how we could use them in everyday life – just like Wesley did in Weslandia!


Talk 4 Writing

This morning we started to orally retell an information text about Weslandia to help us learn the language patterns and internalise the vocabulary for writing our own.  It was lots of fun and we are looking forward to Seesawing our finished text maps tomorrow.

This afternoon was very exciting because we wore our Judo kits for the first time and learnt how to tie our belts.  Mrs Johanson will Seesaw an instruction video of this so we can practise.  We learnt a new throw and had two new Judo words: uki and tori.

15-09-2016 140558 15-09-2016 140605 15-09-2016 140620 copy

Word of the Week

Our word of the week is ‘foliage’ which is a noun and this means lots of leaves.  We wrote sentences using this word.  Later in English we recapped using inverted commas for speech and used Kung Fu punctuation to help us remember where the inverted commas should go.

14-09-2016 133111 14-09-2016 133335 14-09-2016 133354

In maths we were learning how to mentally add 1-digit numbers to 3-digit numbers.  This sounded easy but it got a bit tricky when the 1s made more than 10.  For example 8 + 5 = 13 so we had to remember to change the 10s digit when we did 238 + 5.

14-09-2016 145645