Monthly Archives: October 2016

Marvellous Maths

This morning we used 100 squares to help us find the answers to more than and less than questions.  We know that ‘more than’ is adding and ‘less than’ is subtracting. It was lots of fun and we found patterns in our answers.

image image image

In the afternoon we started designing our front covers for this terms topic ‘Stones and Bones’. We will be seesawing the finished covers tomorrow.

Descriptive Writing.

This afternoon we finished writing our setting descriptions for a monsoon. Here are just a few of our fantastic sentences.

“Soon the rain calmed down. I was relieved.  I couldn’t stay there any longer   The monsoon was torture. Finally the rampant rain had had enough.” Jonty

“A halo of light drilled its way through the creepy, dangerous and eerie clouds.” Harry

“Suddenly a halo of light stormed through the rage of the monsoon!  Finally the monsoon stopped and the calm sun came…” Thomas

Musical notes 🎼

Today in recorders we learnt how to draw a Treble Clef.  We had to trace a few before we tried drawing them on our own. They were quite tricky but Miss Taylor said that we were brilliant at it. Sabela and Adam drew the best ones and Miss Taylor even said that Sabela can draw them better than she can!

image image

We are looking forward to writing our own music next term.

Spectacular Homework

Over the past four weeks the children have been working very hard on creating their own civilization and flower, taking inspiration from Paul Fleischman’s ‘Weslandia’.  Here are a few of the models that were created.

Dougal's Golden Deliverer.
Dougal’s Golden Deliverer.
Amelie's Mangez.
Amelie’s Mangez.
Teddie's Gloria where the Chameleon flower grows.
Teddie’s Gloria where the Chameleon flower grows.
Ollie's Spikler.
Ollie’s Spikler.
A specimen of Harry's Aquazul plant.
A specimen of Harry’s Aquazul plant.
Adam's Fly Pitcher
Adam’s Fly Pitcher
Harry's civilization with the Springer Creeper plant.
Harry’s civilization with the Springer Creeper plant.
Jonty's Canedeen plant.
Jonty’s Canedeen plant.
Sabela's Lime Rose plant.
Sabela’s Lime Rose plant.

We will be sharing our plants on Monday afternoon and no doubt more photos will follow.  Well done all of you!

Global Week 🇧🇩🌏

This morning we started our new unit on descriptive writing and learnt about personification. This is when you give human behaviours to objects or animals. Here are some of our personification sentences:

‘… as a grave slowly walks like an ancient man.” Adam

‘… the trees are whispering in the wind.” Dougal

In the afternoon we started Global Week and practised our map skills by locating Bangladesh and labelled its surrounding countries. We know that Bangladesh is affected by severe flooding and lots of children don’t go to school because they can’t afford to go.

image image image


Today 10 of us went to Warminster School to take part in a hockey festival.  We learnt some hockey skills and we were all really good at the ‘toilet’ position.  After this we played four mini games and really enjoyed ourselves.

Team Woodborough
Team Woodborough
Learning the 'toilet' position.
Learning the ‘toilet’ position.
Ball control skills.
Ball control skills.