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Diving deeper, religious RE and terrific topic

Today we tried a new task for our maths starter.  It is called ‘diving deeper’ and this is when Mrs Johanson gives us a maths question and we work in a group to prove if she is right or wrong.

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In English we learnt a new Word of the Week ‘strenuous’.  Here are some of our sentences that include this word.

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This afternoon we had a topic lesson and learnt about how Stone Age people survived.  They were called hunter-gatherers because they had to hunt and gather their own food.  They used all of the animals they hunted to make tools, weapons and warm clothes.

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Super Spelling and Magnificent Maths

Yesterday morning, we did super spellings and learnt how to spell ‘caught’ and ‘calendar’.  Next we did word of the week which is ‘loiter’.  This means to stand around doing nothing.  After that, we did magnificent maths and learnt about wholes and parts of a whole.  All through the morning, we were busy with Mrs Barker making wrapping paper for the Christmas fayre next Friday.  We have made three different designs!

Times Tables Rock Stars

In maths today we used the ‘Times Tables Rock Star’ website to help us practise our multiplication facts.  First we practised the tables that our Band Manager (Mrs Johanson) has set for us which we can do in ‘The Garage’.  After that we played other band members in Cherry Class in ‘The Studio’.  It was great fun and lots of us are already trying to earn the most coins to upgrade our Avatar.  Mrs Johanson has set us a progression schedule for the rest of the term and we must remember to use the website every week to practise.  It doesn’t have to be used only for homework!

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Cave Art

This morning we have been looking at cave art from the Stone Age period.  After we looked at some examples we had a go at our own but with a twist!  We closed the blinds, turned out the lights and got under the tables to draw our artwork as if we were inside a cave.  It was lots of fun and we will show some of our artwork in Key Stage 2 school meeting on Friday afternoon.

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Anti Bullying Week

This week is Anti Bullying Week and this morning we looked at what bullying means and how we can use our power for good to help combat bullying.  We decided that bullying means “intentionally behaving in a hurtful way towards other(s) repeatedly”. Here we are designing some posters and we are looking forward to filming an Anti Bullying video later in the week.

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Our word of the week is ‘abolish’ which means to destroy or get rid of something. Here are some of our sentences.

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Dear Diary,

This morning in Cherry Class we learnt the next part of our model text and continued to write our text maps. We had to read our text maps and rehearse the text when we had finished. Mrs Johanson said that our retelling is brilliant. Here are some of our text maps. Can you tell what they say?


In maths we were reading calendars and we’re very good at this!

Word of the Week

This afternoon we looked at this week’s word of the week ‘reckless’. After looking for it in the dictionary we wrote it in sentences. Here are some of them.

image image image image

After this, we learnt the first part of our text map for our unit on recounts. We will be writing diary entries in role of The Stone Age Boy and Om. This time we helped Mrs Johanson to draw the symbols before breaking off into house groups to learn a specific section.

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