Monthly Archives: January 2017

Word problems and magnificent magnets

This morning we learnt about word problems using division. We had to find the important information and then convert it into a number sentence. After this we used our multiplication facts or the bar method to help us solve the problem. We’re looking forward to solving trickier problems next week.

In English we’ve been working really hard to finish our stories about the Iron Man. Hopefully we’ll have some finished stories to post on the blog tomorrow.

In topic we learnt about magnetic and non-magnetic materials and magnetic fields. We can’t see the magnetic field but we can see the effects of it. Here we are having a great time exploring our magnets on the frames.

“The magnets are attracted to each other even through my fingers!”

Marvellous Mathematics ➗

This morning we continued with mental division but today we used the bar model to help us visual how the numbers are divided. The biggest number goes in the top bar and then you have to box up the bottom bar into how many you are dividing by. The biggest number then gets shared equally between the boxes.

After we wrote some tweets about the lesson and you can see what we thought about it by following @Mrs_Johanson.

Amazing Arrays

This morning we used arrays to help us really understand the relationship between multiplication and division.  Here we are proving that 4 x 6 = 24 and that 6 x 4 = 24.  The arrays were really useful to see how 24 can be divided by 6 and 4.

In the afternoon we had a brilliant P.E. lesson where we mastered the teddy bear roll.  We started to put the movements, jumps and rolls together in a sequence and we even used the benches to jump off.  We’re hoping to use the apparatus in the next few weeks.

Sciency Monday

This afternoon we were finishing our science experiment.  We were investigating how fast a basket would travel on different materials such as: carpet, sandpaper, newspaper and the normal table surface.

We found out that it traveled slower on the sandpaper because it was a rough surface and this created more friction.

After this we had recorders and we worked in pairs to write another tune using the minim note.  We will perform these next week.

Weekly Round Up

This week we’ve been busy with planning our stories about Iron Man and we wrote lots of outstanding sentences yesterday to use in our stories (more to follow next week).

In maths we are working really hard on our mental maths for multiplication and we even started using written method for multiplying 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.

On Monday we learnt how to join the letter ‘k’ in handwriting and this is a very tricky letter but we tried really hard to get it right.

In gymnastics on Tuesday we practised different types of rolls that included the pencil roll, forward roll and the teddy bear roll.  This one looked easy but it was actually quite hard because we had to remember to keep our legs straight and roll in the same direction.  We’re going to be perfecting the teddy bear roll next week.

The Coming of Iron Man!

This afternoon in art we continued working on our collages of Iron Man.  We had to think about adding in some shadow to show his features before adding his red headlamp eyes.  Here are some of our finished collages.  We think you’ll agreed that they look very effective!

In English we continued working on speech and we had to find synonyms for said.  Mrs Johanson has banned this word from our writing this week but we have plenty of alternative words to choose from.

We also really love our English display that Mrs Barker has made and we can’t wait to start writing our stories about Iron Man next week.

Mathematics and PE

This morning in maths we did subtracting by bridging.  At first it was hard but as we went along it got easier.  To help us we used a numberline to draw the calculation so we could see each stage of the calculation.  Later we did some #divingdeeper activities and had to work out whether Mrs Johanson’s column additions were right or wrong.  If they were wrong we had to explain why.

In P.E. we did gymnastics and some of the things we did was running, jumping, quarter turns and half turns.  We started to put these into a sequence before using the benches and mats.