Monthly Archives: February 2017

How curious.

This morning our Word of the Day was ‘curious’.  This is an adjective and it means ‘eager to know or learning something’.  We had to write sentences with this word in for our English starter.  Some of us used fronted adverbials in our sentences and also some speech.

For our English lesson we learnt about subordinate clauses.  These give more detail about the main clause but don’t make sense on their own.

In the afternoon we enjoyed playing the Caucus Race from our class version of Alice in Wonderland.  It was a strange game but we enjoyed receiving house points as our prizes.  After this we watched Alice in Wonderland in preparation for planning and filming our Movie Trailers later in the week.

Time and tide waits for no man!

This morning we were immersed in a Victorian School and were treated like Victorian children. Ma’am (Mrs Johanson) and Miss (Mrs Barker) were very strict and we had to work in complete silence. We were given Victorian names but thankfully we all avoided the dunces chair and Ma’am didn’t have to use her cane.

We recited our 3 and 4 timestables and did lots of handwriting and reading. After we learnt lots about Queen Victoria and her Empire. Ma’am was impressed with Agnes and Alonzo who were given the special privilege of being sent to Miss B to show their hardwork to.

Miss B came around for a cleanliness inspection and the girls tried on traditional clothing.

In the afternoon we did exercise drills before splitting off into boys and girls to do different activities. Ma’am taught the boys how to make and play the cup and ball game.

Perfect Prefixes

This morning we continued learning about prefixes and focused on ‘un’, ‘re’, ‘dis’ and ‘mis’. We went into the hall and when Mrs Crichard called out a root word we had to run to the prefix we thought would go at the beginning of the root word. We found that more than one prefix can go with a root word for example, appear can go with dis and re. After this we wrote some sentences that use words with prefixes.

Another busy day

This morning in grammar, we all learnt about prefixes.  Prefixes are a group of letters or that you add to a root word e.g. re + member = remember.

After play, we all went on times tables rock stars to get our brains ready for the multiplication awards.  A good number of us moved up a level and the rest of us had improved since last time.

We had our first rehearsal of our class assembly this afternoon but of course there’s nothing to tell you about that!

It’s Iron Man Galore

This morning Mr Randall brought our welded Iron men in and we are so impressed and pleased with the final result.  Mrs Brewis and Mrs Hobbs came for a sneak peak and we visited other classes in the school to show off our masterpieces.  We’re very grateful to Mr Randall for doing this for us and would like to say ‘thank you!’

We finished our e-books to explain how magnets work and have Seesawed them home so enjoy reading them!  Happy half term!

The Creative Day

Today we used the iPads to create our own e-books using an app called Book Creator.  We typed up our edited and up leveled version of Mrs Johanson’s explanation of how magnets work.  After we finished the typing we got creative with our colours, fonts and inserted pictures with captions to make the e-book more appealing.  We are hoping to finish these tomorrow so we can Seesaw them home.

Don’t forget that it’s Cherry Class cake break tomorrow.

Safer Internet Day 2017

This morning we had a whole school assembly to celebrate Safer Internet Day.  The theme is ‘Be the Change: unite for a safer internet’.  We discussed what apps and websites we use and how we use them before talking about the importance of keeping personal information private.

In class we looked at photos and discussed how Mrs Barker and Mrs Johanson shared images when they were younger compared to how we might share photos now.  We understand that it’s important to not take photos of people without their permission and how we mustn’t share them with others unless the people in the photo give their permission.

We looked at some photos and discussed whether they gave a good first impression.

This afternoon we learnt how to spell words when you double the consonant before adding the ‘ed’ suffix.  We came up with lots of words that apply to this rule and then wrote sentences.  We had to include a fronted adverbial, previous word of the week and a spelling word.

We all gave our permission to have our photo taken and put on the blog!

Bar Model Maths

Today in mathematics we learnt some more about the bar model and how it can be used to help us solve problems.  We worked with addition and subtraction problems and had to work out the whole and the parts to the problem before setting up our bar (sounds tricky right!).  We used the laptops to help us and by the end of the lesson we were working with 3 part problems.