Daily Archives: March 29, 2017

Prefixes and Word of the Day

This morning in maths we were learning about parallel and perpendicular lines.  We are enjoying this and will be moving onto angles tomorrow.

Word of the Day was ‘undisputed’ and here are some of our sentences.

We learning about prefixes this term in our grammar lessons and today we were looking at the ‘dis’ prefix.  Some of us worked with Mrs Johanson to find as many words in the dictionary with the ‘dis’ and ‘un’ prefix and these words will be going up on display.

Tag Rugby and Ice Cream

Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a long PE lesson in the glorious sunshine.  We played tag rugby games that helped us to practise our attacking and defending skills.  Mrs Johanson was impressed with how determined we were to win points for our teams.

All week we have been busy making strawberry, banana and peppermint and chocolate ice cream.  We applied our measuring skills we recently learnt in maths and have enjoyed licking the paddle and tasting each one from the bowl.  Tomorrow we’ll be eating the ice-cream in our topic lesson and then begin writing instructions on how to make ice-cream in English.  Thank you for helping us with this and loaning the ice cream makers.