Monthly Archives: May 2017

Another busy day in Cherry Class.

This morning we did some drama in English.  We were acting out a Sea Shanty called ‘Blow the Man Down’.  Our performances became more dramatic each time and we need to keep practising fitting all the words into the fast paced melody.

In recorders we worked in pairs to think of more sequences of notes to add into our class tune.  Hopefully we’ll get to play them and choose which ones we would like to add in next week.


This afternoon we played some games of rounders and had lots of fun.  We were good at quickly learning the rules and our batting skills are quite impressive!  Next week we’ll be practising bowling before we play some more games (photos will follow once I’ve resolved the technical hitch).


Harry’s Houses

This morning we’ve been continuing building our dioramas of Harry’s house.  We’ve used the glue gun, paint and lots of other artistic materials and it’s been lots of fun.

In other news, we’ve been working really hard on writing a setting description of a storm on Bottlenose Bay and we’re trying very hard to master calculating fractions of amounts.

“Ohh, ahhhh, WOW”

This afternoon we were introduced to Google Earth in our topic/ computing lesson and we thought it was amazing!  We visited lots of places around the world and enjoyed walking around New York City, going up the Eiffel Tower and much more.  Next week we’ll be using this technology to compare the Amazon River and the Severn River.

The Daily Ribbit

This morning we used the frog on the harbour for inspiration in our maths lesson.  He likes to read the newspaper called The Daily Ribbit and loves the puzzles.  For our maths activity we were learning how to read and write numbers in numerals and words and we had to complete the wordsearch, looking for 3-digit numbers written in words.  Some of us were given the extra challenge of having the numbers in numerals and we had to convert them into words before finding them.  It was very competitive to finish first!

Dioramas and descriptive writing

This morning we began our dioramas of Harry’s house. A diorama is a 3-D model that represents a scene and we enjoyed choosing the wallpaper for his house. We’ll keep you posted with these each week.

In English we started planning our setting descriptions for a storm using Zephyr, the wild wind as inspiration. Here are just a few examples of our outstanding sentences.

The Jaggedy Daggers are as black as ravens. (Tiffany)

Lightening explosively bouncing off rocks (Adam)

I can hear howling mighty bolts being unleashed (Dougal)

Tomorrow we’ll continue developing our descriptive vocabulary.