Monthly Archives: June 2017

More from Art Week

We have continued with our art work based on the theme of courage and have produced some brilliant pieces of art with paint, chalk, pencils and some decoupage.  Each of us have now contributed something to our banner and we can’t wait to see the finished product.  Thank you to all the parents who have helped with this.  Here are some photos of our amazing work and remember that school meeting begins at 2:30pm where each group will be performing a dance related to our value.

LEGO Surprise!

Yesterday afternoon Mrs Johanson told us about a special delivery we had while we were at LEGOland.  An extremely kind parent from another class has delivered an astounding 18 boxes of LEGO cards and after some discussion, we decided that we would sort them and organise a whole school LEGO card swap before the end of term.  Stayed tuned for more details and we would be grateful for any parents who are willing to come and help us sort the cards.

The beginning of Art Week

Yesterday we started Art Week and this year we are doing things differently.  The whole school has been split into six classes and will spend each morning together working on a value that makes Woodborough special.  Mrs Johanson’s group are spending the week looking at ‘Courage’.

We started the morning by learning about the meaning of courage and then we completed/designed our own mindfulness colouring sheet.

Some of us went in pairs to do some work on our banner with Mrs Gorvin and Mrs Tilbury and each of us will have the opportunity to add something to this over the week.

After break we listened to the story of David and Goliath and discussed who was showing courage before going outside to act it out.  We’re looking forward to more activities over the week including painting, decoupage and dancing.


Today we had our trip to LEGOLAND and it was the best day ever. First we explored the Star Wars Models area and thought the moving Death Star was brilliant and had great fun looking at everything else.

Next we went to our computer programming workshop and built a space bot using the LEGO WeDo software. We programmed it to move and change the colour of the light.

Then after lunch it was time to play and explore the rides. We all had a great day!

Judo Chop!

This morning we were learning about light and dark.  We know that dark is the absence of light and that the moon isn’t a source of light.  We can see the moon because light from the sun reflects off it.  Next we’ll be building LEGO towers to investigate how shadows are formed.

This afternoon we were treated to Year 5’s judo lesson because they’re on residential.  It was great fun and we learnt some new moves.  Mark has given us letters about Judo summer classes in July and August so these should be in our bags.  Sign up quickly as they’ll be full before you know it.

Super Spellings and Roman Numerals

This morning we had a spelling lesson on the ‘re’ and ‘bi’ prefixes and were introduced to some new words (bilingual and biplane for example).  We enjoyed playing hangman to spell words with these prefixes and wrote some sentences on our whiteboards.

In maths we learnt about Roman Numerals in preparation for telling the time on Roman Numeral clock faces.  We enjoyed the variety of games on the laptops to help us learn this different system on numbers.

Well done to all the children who took part in the Golden Mile this morning.  This will be happening everyday until the summer holidays and please remember to bring in school shoes to wear after the run.

Analogue Clocks and more LEGO

This morning we were learning how to read analogue time. We had to read some clock faces and write down the time (we are confident with this) and after this we had to read a time and draw it on the clock face, which was much trickier.

In topic we learnt about the history of LEGO and we recorded key events on a timeline. We should be able to tell you lots about this including the meaning of LEGO in Latin.  At the end of the day we had great fun playing with our LEGO.

LEGO is Awesome

On Monday our LEGO topic started and we’re very excited about it.  In maths we have spent some time sorting our LEGO bricks into different categories and today we used them to prove and recall our multiplication facts.

Some of us used the LEGO bricks in our spelling lesson to!

This afternoon we designed LEGO mini figures of ourselves and here are just a few of them.