Monthly Archives: July 2017

Super Scientists

Last week we used our LEGO towers and bodies to investigate how shadows are made and how they move.  We learnt about transparent, translucent and opaque materials and we know that shadows are created when light is blocked by an opaque material.

When the light source is high the shadow will be short and when the light source is lower then the shadow will be taller.

Our Week so far

This week we’ve been busy practising our times tables for our last multiplication awards in Cherry Class.  In English we’ve been learning a persuasive advert using Talk 4 Writing  and today we finished our text maps which have been Seesawed home.

In P.E. we’ve practised our running technique and passing the baton in the relay in preparation for sports day next week. Tomorrow we’ll be learning how to throw the Vortex and will practise the standing jump.