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Sports for Schools

This Monday afternoon Katrina Hart came to Woodborough. She was our athlete for the Sports for Schools sponsored fun fitness circuits. Katrina has cerebral palsy and this also effected her sight.

Katrina Hart (born 17 May 1990) is an English athlete who won a gold medal for England at the 2010 Commonwealth Games competing in women’s 100 m T37 (athletes with cerebral palsy).

Everyone tried very hard and impressed us all with their enthusiasm, athleticism and stamina.

She ended the day with an inspirational assembly, encouraging us all to go for our dreams

Sponsorship forms need to be in by next Monday.

Hieroglyphs, Cartouches and Canopic Jars

We shared some of our work on Egyptian hieroglyphs and mummification in KS2 school meeting. Here are some more examples

There are many different symbols used in hieroglyphics but we used the ones that represented the letters in our names to make these

We also found out that hieroglyphics can be read in different directions and that when the pharaohs names we recorded many other hieroglyphs were used to show their importance. These were then put into a Cartouche ( an oval frame), only the gods, pharaohs and their families could do this.

This week we started planning our models of the Canopic Jars, used in the mummification process.

Thank you for all your bottles, we are ready to start our clay modelling of the heads.


Anti-Bullying Week

The theme for Anti- Bullying Week this year is ‘ALL DIFFERENT, ALL EQUAL ‘

Our week started with a great assembly which left us with a very clear understanding of what bullying can do to a person and how we can all do something about that.

We talked about what bullying is – physically  or mentally hurting somebody repeatedly.

So we have to remember that it is very easy to say or do something unkind but , like the toothpaste, once it is done (or out of tube) it is impossible to take it back. And, like our pieces of paper, once we have been bullied it is impossible to take away that hurt completely. We are all like our flat new piece of paper until something happens to cause creases and crumple us. Once this has happened those creases may get flattened out but they will not disappear.

We are all going to remember our golden rules and be kind and helpful. We know how to look after ourselves and each other. We are going to try and keep our toothpaste in our tube and keep everyone’s piece of paper as good as new as we possibly can.

Later in the week we made this class puzzle

This helped us understand that although we are all individuals and look, feel and like different things when we are together we make an amazing class. It would be a very boring puzzle if every piece was the same but as it is, it is a beautiful, colourful, cheerful puzzle made up of wonderful individual pieces. Every piece is different but every piece is equally important. Our class would not be Cherry Class without every individual in it.

We are going to respect our differences and treat everyone equally. We are going to remember the assembly and our golden rules and keep our class and school a bully free place.

Remembrance Service

For our Remembrance Service in school today every pupil made a poppy. Each class made different style poppies. The Key Stage Two children also wrote up poems in their best handwriting. Cherry  class made tissue paper poppies and copied one of two poems that are often read on Remembrance Day. We watched a short video clip, on the BBC Schools website, of a reading of ‘For the Fallen’ by Laurence Binyon accompanied by a slideshow of archived images; and then read ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae.

Mrs Brewis then used these to make this beautiful display.

Everyone has also glued a button onto this magnificent poppy that Mrs Needham has made…

Back in class we have started to write up our Autumn poems. Here are the first ones to be finished.

We have also been sharing facts about the Ancient Egyptians. Edward brought in a fantastic painting on papyrus and Emily showed us a statue of  Anubis. Our  Egyptian display is also taking shape with many thanks to Mrs Moore Bethel for the fantastic paintings.

Egyptian Day for KS2

It was wonderful to see everyone in their fantastic costumes…

All Key Stage 2 spent the morning in the hall, listening to the tales of Africana Smith and taking part in games and ceremonies that were important to the Ancient Egyptians.

We were able to look at several artefacts that Mr Smith had brought in.

We found out about Egyptian gods, clothes and jewellery, their beliefs and practices around death and the after life.

We then went on to play a couple of games that were part of the very complex rituals after the death of a Pharaoh, priest or another important, wealthy person. The first game was very strange and involved everyone running with their hands on their knees. Mr Smith then told us that the reason for this was because this made the children look like ostriches. Do you agree?

The second game was all about crocodiles hiding in the grass and catching unsuspecting animals or Egyptians!

Before break, we also decorated scarab beetles and wrote good luck messages that would have been wrapped in the linen bandages of a mummy.

After break we placed these messages and good luck charms in our own mummies

A lot of toilet roll was used but eventually our 4 volunteers looked quite effective.

In the afternoon we worked in class. We started with tasting dates, figs, yoghurt and honey as the Egyptians ate fish, vegetables, fruits and honey. The majority of us enjoyed this sweet treat.

We then had a go at hieroglyphics- a pictorial based writing system the Egyptians used. We found that they are not like letters and can be written and read in many ways- top to bottom, bottom to top, right to left or left to right. Once we had found the hieroglyphs that matched the letters in our name we arranged them in our own cartouche. We also included other symbols from the Pharaohs’ cartouches, found in the books we have been reading. Some of these will be put on display and we will post photos soon.



Term 2, Egyptians, Addition and Subtraction, and Autumn Poetry

Welcome back!

This week we have started our new topic on Egyptians by completing our new topic page in our Topic Books.

We are very excited about our Egyptian Day next Tuesday. We have already looked at books from the library and found out even more using Curriculum Visions on the laptops and i-pads. Our English homework this week is to read chapters from The Ancient Egyptians (available on Curriculum Visions) – some of us may need help with this- and then find our favourite fact about the Ancient Egyptians and share it with the class next week.

In our Maths lessons we have been looking at adding one digit numbers to three digit number using exchanging, using Base Ten or our place value frames and counters. This will help us with column method later on.

We have been reading Autumn poems, looking at Autumnal pictures and walking around the school field for inspiration for our own Autumn poems.

Our poems will be ready to share at the end of next week.