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Week Three

This week we were investigating mirrors in our Light topic.

Mrs Brewis was our teacher today.

We had a go at mirror writing- not at all easy- in fact it was mind boggling! Did you know that Leonardo De Vinci used mirror writing as a secret code?

We had to follow a maze with our pencil only looking in the mirror- some of us found this almost impossible!

We also used masking tape to hinge mirrors and were amazed by the number of images we could get just by slowly closing the hinge.

What a fun afternoon that really made us think about how light travels and the effect mirrors have on light and therefore on the things we see.

In maths we have continued to look at division. We have used pictorial representations to help us. We have also looked at remainders. We have been spotting errors and explain what went wrong and how to correctly calculate divisions. Please ask us to show you our work.

In English we are entering the Radio 2 500 Words competition

We have joined in with the Live Lesson, watched lots  of video clips to help us think about: originality, character and plot. We have also read the Gold, Silver and Bronze winning stories of 2017, in both age categories.


We had a great Tag rugby session on Friday afternoon but our boots and trainers did get rather muddy so they have either gone home in plastic bags or are drying in class. We were all reminded to take our trainers out of the plastic bags as soon as we got home, 😊🤞.

The Dark Cave

What can you see in the dark? Which colours or materials are the easiest to see when it is dark?

This week we have all been into a ‘dark cave’ to find the answers to these questions.

We shared our findings in this week’s Keystage 2 school meeting.

Our eyes are amazing things and we can actually see things in the dark, once our eyes become accustomed to what little light there is. In our dark cave the first thing we could see was the white bag and the yellow card. After a bit we could see the other coloured cards but it was difficult to tell what colours they were. We didn’t spot the black card at all. We then went in with a torch and could immediately see the mirror reflecting the torch light. The strips on our high-viz jackets also looked very bright and we could see everything else in the cave.

In the afternoon we watched BBC clips and read through a PowerPoint which helped us understand why this was so.

Next week we are investigating mirrors and reflections.

Our First Week

Our first full week back has been full of fun.

On Monday we had our first of five squash lessons

On Tuesday we started our poetry unit, listening to readings via the internet and then performing ‘Escape at Bedtime’  and ‘My Shadow’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. We worked in pairs to read ‘Escape before Bedtime’ and then all read our parts together on the carpet, the effect was lovely.

We have looked at rhymes, metaphors and similes, alliteration and onomatopoeia. Ask us to sing the Alliteration or Onomatopoeia song to you.

In the afternoon we discovered how to program a Scratch sprite to make it dance, drum and say something using a speech bubble.

On Wednesday had our first look at multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.

We know that multiplication is repeated addition so we can use the Base Ten or place value counters to help our written methods …

We had to think very carefully about exchanging and carrying. We are going to keep practising next week and then look at division.

In the afternoon we conducted our first light experiment.

We found out that dark is the absence of light, that light travels in straight lines and that we need to have a good light source to see anything in a dark box. At the end of the lesson we also looked at white light and 🌈. Ned has bought a prism in so we can investigate this further next week.

On Thursday we had our first recorder lesson of the year and we are practising for our class assembly. Ms Taylor was very impressed by how much we had remembered from last term.

On Friday we had our first Tag Rugby lesson. Some of us are experts and play at the weekend, others had their first try at passing a 🏉 rugby ball. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Well done everyone.

Term 3 – Science, A Flash of Light!

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a great Christmas holiday and that you have a very happy New Year.

Today in Cherry Class we started our new topic, LIGHT…

We began with a short video clip and a sorting challenge which prompted lots of discussion and questions which we will try to answer during this term. We already know quite a lot about light but there are lots more things we need to find out.

These things are not sources of light.

These things are all sources of light.

We then tried to sort these into natural sources and  made sources. Why do you think we have three sets? Hopefully, if you ask one of us to explain we can tell you. 👍

Some of the things we want to investigate are: reflections, mirrors, shadows  and rainbows. We want to know how light travels, how we see, how windows work and why the moon is not a source of light.

We then began our new topic page.

REMEMBER this term we are doing indoor PE on Mondays as we are going to be learning how to play Squash. Our outdoor PE is tag rugby and will be on Wednesday  or Friday afternoons.