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Week 4-Stone Age Boy in English, Stone Age to Iron Age Artefacts in History, Ascension Day walk, Judo and a sad Goodbye to Miss Taylor

How did we manage to get so much into a four day week?

Tuesday gave us no clue as to what the rest of the week might be like, with English, maths, computing and Spanish just like every other Tuesday.

But then Wednesday morning saw our fifth multiplication award attempt. In the afternoon we had a visit from Mrs Bates who brought in all her precious finds, dating from 500,000,000 yrs ago to approximately 4,000 yrs ago. It was great to be able to have a really close look at how much hard work went into making these flint tools. We were able to touch too. One piece of pottery had a thumb print in it and a couple of us thought it was amazing that they could place their finger in the same place as a Stone Age person.

Alfie was intrigued to hear that several finds were made on his farm.

We had to be very careful whilst handling the Mesolithic flints as they were very delicate and very sharp- Mrs Bates kept a very close eye on these.

She also showed us a replica Bronze Age axe head that she had made and started to polish.

On Thursday, the whole school went up Woodborough Hill for an Ascension Day service and picnic and kite flying.

Cherry class had to leave before the rest as we had a judo lesson at 1:30 pm.

We just about made it in time and still had the energy to learn a new throw.

After this we had our last recorder lesson with Miss Taylor

and at the end of the lesson the whole school said a sad goodbye. Miss Taylor is retiring after … too many years of music lessons and recorders with year 2 or 3. She has promised to stay in touch and come to watch any concerts or performances we have. Enjoy your retirement!