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More from Art Week in Cherry Class

On Wednesday it was our turn to complete our parents project. We were turning the bottoms of plastic bottles into beautiful flowers. First we had to cut out sections to make petals . Then we had to paint them with acrylics or colour in using Sharpies.


We have made lots and lots and they look amazing…thank you to the mum’s that came in to help us and more importantly show us how!

A big THANK YOU to Mrs Reeve, Mrs Burley, Mrs Poole and Mrs Ackroyd 😊

We have also looked at the work of Georgia O’Keeffe an artist who paints big bold and beautiful pictures of flowers.

We then tried to copy her style.

Mrs Barker has continued to help use paint the wooden plaques

Today we looked at another ‘Explorify’ clip where we learnt about a very special plant called  ‘Mimosa pudica’. This plant closes tightly to protect itself – it’s a sensitive plant, the leaves respond to being touched, shaken, heated or rapidly cooled, a process called thigmonasty.

We then went on to look at plants that catch and ‘eat’ insects- Venus Flytraps etc.

Before this we completed our flower paintings and the last group painted a wooden flower.

This afternoon we  had a fun science time investing liquids and gases.

We used marbling inks to create fantastic effects on sheets of paper. The first attempt didn’t work because Mrs Chapman put washing up liquid in the water which ‘dispersed’ the oil and the ink and the colour/ pigment disappeared. But we did find out that the inks were oil based and that’s why they floated on the surface of the water…

After this we made a lava lamp with water, food colouring, oil and a tablet that dissolved in water making lots of bubbles. We tried to explain what was happening, Mollie used a fantastic ‘science’ word- reaction. We also thought about density and floating and sinking.

Finally we created erupting volcanoes using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda – the vinegar is an acid and the bicarbonate of soda is an alkaline which react to make a gas which creates bubbles.

Please come along to the Art Week Celebration Assembly tomorrow to see much more of the wonderful art we have created and find out more about the science investigations going on in school.

Art Week – Art and Science

Our week so far…

Morning Activity – look carefully at a dandelion clock and then try to draw it…


Mrs Barratt’s Assembly and Fun Science – Monday morning started with a great introduction to Art and Science to make us all very enthusiastic to see and do lots more.

Back in class we started a class project to paint new MDF cutouts of bugs and flowers o decorate the fence of Finlay’s Garden

We used Explorify to  look at a mushroom differently

We thought about describing colour, texture and shape


In the afternoon we became Botanical Artists


The Explori-Dome came to school and this morning  we had a fantastic time going inside to learn about our fantastic world and some of the environments found around the world…

Tropical rain forests –

Deserts and Polar regions –

This ‘game’ taught us all about survival and adaptation – ask Tabitha or Thomas to explain.

In the afternoon it was our turn to use the iPads to take photographs for the Wonder Wall. They are all very different and definitely wonderful…

Tomorrow we have our ‘parent project’ – ‘Re-thinking the plastic bottle’

Week 3, Term 6

This three day week has been very busy with rehearsing but we have also had a visit from a Road Safety officer who spent Thursday morning making sure we will all be safe on the road.

We also had to say goodbye to Miss Mundy…

As one of her goodbye treats we all made fruit kebabs, as part of our healthy eating topic

They were delicious!

We would all like to say a great big Thank You to Miss Mundy, we will all miss you very much.

Next week is Art Week so don’t forget painting shirts or old clothes to put on while we are painting.

Term 6 – Geometry, Poetry, All Living Things and Tennis

This term our new topic is All Living Things. Miss Mundy has taught us what it means to be healthy. We have thought carefully about what is meant by a balanced diet and we made these plates to show our healthy meals.

We then went on to look at our bones and put together these amazing skeletons.

We have also been outside  investigating right angle and quarter turns.

We then made  a right angle finder and used this to help us find right angles, obtuse angles (greater than a right angle but less than a straight line) and acute angles (less than a right angle).

On Thursday Marlborough Tennis Club came to coach us…


In English we have been comparing two poems – The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Edward Lear and ‘Gran can you Rap?’ by Jack Ousby.

We have made text maps and can now recite them and we have also written our own verses.




More Braeside pictures

Wednesday-town trail, afternoon of activities- low ropes, climbing wall and life line rope…

Thursday- walk to Home Covert, stream dipping, Andy Goldsworthy inspired art and mini beast hunt…

Friday canoeing and canal dipping…

Sorry the photos may be sideways or even upside down the iPad shows them correctly but on the blog most are not!

I hope you have all had a great holiday. I will see you Monday.