Monthly Archives: November 2018

Anti bullying week

This week is anti bullying week and this years theme is CHOOSE RESPECT.

We had an assembly about this and discussion in class. The main points were –

Respecting ourselves, property and each other 

Being fair and kind 

Being respectful of skin colour or religion

Respect is thinking and acting in a positive way 

We looked at images and decided which is good and bad respect 

We thought about ways to show respect .



Evacuation day

What a brilliant day we had today as part of our ‘We will remember them topic’ the children were transported off and away from their parents and we spent some time thinking about how the evacuees would have felt and what happened to them next.


We heard the air raid siren and hid under our desks for safety.

We made litttle suitcases and filled them with the things that the children would have taken. We then made a start on our soft toys , we Cole ted our materials from the materials rationing shop and used our templates to calculate how much we needed.

We next discussed the ‘Choosing’ which is when the children we send home with different families.

We made feelings graphs to show how this would have felt.

we learnt war songs by Vera Lynn and then got ready for our street party in the afternoon.

well done everyone what a great day.