A busy third week!

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This week has been so busy we’ve hardly had time to blog!  We are still working hard on our Talk 4 Writing and have finished learning our information text and writing our text maps.  These will be seesawed home tomorrow!

We've started learning to spell words from the Year 3 and 4 word list.
We’ve started learning to spell words from the Year 3 and 4 word list.

In maths we are becoming more confident everyday with our mental addition and subtraction.  Some of us have even shown our work to Mrs Brewis and Mrs Chapman while Mrs Johanson has been giving out success stamps left, right and centre.

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On Tuesday we went to the woods and used digital cameras to photograph different plants so we can identify their different parts.  We spent some time looking at the natural materials and thinking about how we could use them in everyday life – just like Wesley did in Weslandia!


2 thoughts on “A busy third week!

  1. Hi Cherry. I’ve always struggled with ‘ely ley ly ally’. Maybe some of us parents could do with some spelling tests!

  2. Goodness it has been busy in Cherry Class! I’ve enjoyed looking at the work that some of you have shown me and it’s great to see what else you’ve been doing via your blog.

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