A day of art!

Yesterday was the best day ever because we did lots of art. We painted the base colour on our Faberge eggs and then added the detail once the base had dried.

image image

image image

Earlier in the week we did some running drills in P.E. and also practised our rugby passing skills. It was very hard to remember to pass the ball behind you but we kept trying!

image image

We’ve been busy with lots of other things and we are looking forward to the Easter holidays. Lots of us are excited to start our topic in dinosaurs next term 😀🐊

One thought on “A day of art!

  1. Great rugby skills guys. Did you know that Charlie, Magnus and Amelia-Rose’s dads are all coaches at Pewsey Rugby Vale Club? Lots of children from Woodborough play every Sunday. Why don’t you come along? It’s lots of fun and it’s for both boys and girls!

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