A very busy day in Cherry Class

Today we found lots more words with the ‘j’ sound spelt ‘ge’ at the end. These include marriage, spillage, plunge, garage, carriage, sponge and lots more. After we wrote silly sentences using some of these words.

In topic we learnt about man made and natural rocks.  Man made rocks include brick, concrete and coade stone. There are three types of natural rock which are called igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We also learnt that magma is molten rock inside the volcano and when it erupts, the magma is called lava.

After lunch we presented our dinosaur projects that we did in half term. Some of us made books and posters and lots of us used PowerPoint that had good animations. We saw some Scratch and even heard a Podcast. The special treat was seeing a velociraptor in our classroom. Yes inside our classroom!

4 thoughts on “A very busy day in Cherry Class

  1. Wow – what a lesson ! I think there is an awful lot of dinosaur knowledge in Cherry Class now !

  2. I think Cherry class must be braver than me to share their classroom with a Velociraptor! Sounds like it was a very adventurous afternoon.

    Mrs Awoodun

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