Anti-Bullying Week

The theme for Anti- Bullying Week this year is ‘ALL DIFFERENT, ALL EQUAL ‘

Our week started with a great assembly which left us with a very clear understanding of what bullying can do to a person and how we can all do something about that.

We talked about what bullying is – physically  or mentally hurting somebody repeatedly.

So we have to remember that it is very easy to say or do something unkind but , like the toothpaste, once it is done (or out of tube) it is impossible to take it back. And, like our pieces of paper, once we have been bullied it is impossible to take away that hurt completely. We are all like our flat new piece of paper until something happens to cause creases and crumple us. Once this has happened those creases may get flattened out but they will not disappear.

We are all going to remember our golden rules and be kind and helpful. We know how to look after ourselves and each other. We are going to try and keep our toothpaste in our tube and keep everyone’s piece of paper as good as new as we possibly can.

Later in the week we made this class puzzle

This helped us understand that although we are all individuals and look, feel and like different things when we are together we make an amazing class. It would be a very boring puzzle if every piece was the same but as it is, it is a beautiful, colourful, cheerful puzzle made up of wonderful individual pieces. Every piece is different but every piece is equally important. Our class would not be Cherry Class without every individual in it.

We are going to respect our differences and treat everyone equally. We are going to remember the assembly and our golden rules and keep our class and school a bully free place.

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