Art Week – Art and Science

Our week so far…

Morning Activity – look carefully at a dandelion clock and then try to draw it…


Mrs Barratt’s Assembly and Fun Science – Monday morning started with a great introduction to Art and Science to make us all very enthusiastic to see and do lots more.

Back in class we started a class project to paint new MDF cutouts of bugs and flowers o decorate the fence of Finlay’s Garden

We used Explorify to  look at a mushroom differently

We thought about describing colour, texture and shape


In the afternoon we became Botanical Artists


The Explori-Dome came to school and this morning  we had a fantastic time going inside to learn about our fantastic world and some of the environments found around the world…

Tropical rain forests –

Deserts and Polar regions –

This ‘game’ taught us all about survival and adaptation – ask Tabitha or Thomas to explain.

In the afternoon it was our turn to use the iPads to take photographs for the Wonder Wall. They are all very different and definitely wonderful…

Tomorrow we have our ‘parent project’ – ‘Re-thinking the plastic bottle’

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