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Wonderful Rainforests

Today we did lots of work on our new topic, Rainforests. In music we listened to the sounds of a rainforest and wrote notes about what we could hear then we watched a video of rainforest body percussion and we are hoping to try this ourselves! Later we watched a video and did a sensory walk through a rainforest (there are lots of creepy crawlies!). The best part of the day was making salt dough models of South America, the home of the Amazon Rainforest. 



The Thunder Dragon

This morning we started to write our own information texts about ‘The Thunder Dragon’ and we had to use our plans to help us keep our writing focussed.  Mrs Johanson has chosen some examples of our brilliant work to share with you.

The Thunder Dragon is a much feared species which is only seen in the stormy weather. (Kairan)

Thunder Dragons have a pitch black body, dark grey wings, evil green eyes and a scaly scary tail. (Katelyn)

The Thunder Dragon is known for its attacks.  It is hard to defeat because it disappears in storms. (Nicholas)

Adult thunder dragons are pitch black and have red blooded spikes on its back.  They make a thunderous sound which is very deafening. (Skye)


A busy week!

This week we have been continuing to learn about place value and mental addition and subtraction.  Lots of us are much more confident now.

Using counters to add and subtract 1s, 10s and 100s to/from 3-digit numbers.
Using counters to add and subtract 1s, 10s and 100s to/from 3-digit numbers.


Yesterday we started to make our animation Christmas cards on Scratch.  We used the event, control and looks programmes to create the front cover.

IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0185

Today we worked in our house groups to begin writing a piece of music to play on our recorders.  Miss Taylor was very impressed with our music and gave us a Dojo Point!


Place Value and Performance

This week we have been recapping our understanding of place value in 3-digit numbers and using place value to add and subtract. Some of us worked with 4-digit numbers!  Here we are working hard to remember that each digit in a number has a different value.


We also rounded off our first week of Talk for Writing with a performance of our text map in School Meeting.  The audience loved it (and so did we)!


Talk for Writing continues…

Today we continued retelling the information text about the ‘Wiltshire Ridge Back Dragon’ and we found out what they look like and where they live!  We are hoping to have learnt all the text in time to perform it in school meeting on Friday.  Here are some of our labelled drawings of the W.R.B.

Charlie's Adult Ridge Back.
Charlie’s Adult Ridge Back.
Zara's Juvenile Ridge Back
Zara’s Juvenile Ridge Back
By Ethan.
By Sam.

The Wiltshire Ridge Back Dragon!

This morning we started our unit on information texts and had a brilliant time!  We are going to use Pie Corbett’s Talk 4 Writing scheme to help us retell an information text and then have a go at writing our own.  Here are some pictures of us re-telling part of the text in small groups.  You can also see the start of our text map on the SmartBoard.




End of term 1

I can’t believe that 7.5 weeks have been and gone!  It’s been a busy but fun filled term and the children are adapting well to Key Stage 2.  Dojo points have been a huge hit and the children have worked hard to earn a mouth dropping 2,211.  Next term they will be aiming to reach 4,000 points to earn their reward of hosting a ‘Cherry Class Christmas Cafe’ for parents!

The blog will be updated over the half term with all of the exciting things that we’ll be learning next term.  Don’t forget that you can comment on our posts and please encourage extended family members to take a look and comment as well.  The children absolutely love reading them.

Enjoying Molly's birthday cookies.
Enjoying Molly’s birthday cookies.
Being hunter gatherers.
Being hunter gatherers.
Enjoying our cinema Dojo reward.
Enjoying our cinema Dojo reward.