Awesome Angles.

Today we learnt about acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles. We explored the school grounds to find these angles and used the iPads and the Skitch app to record our learning.

image image image

We continued with our explanation texts and wrote excellent paragraphs to explain one of the reasons why scientists believe dinosaurs are extinct. Hopefully they will be finished tomorrow!

By Amelia
By Amelia

3 thoughts on “Awesome Angles.

  1. Who knew all those angles existed eh? Well done guys.

    Brilliant piece of writing Amelia-Rose – your book cover is going to look great with that!

  2. Hello Cherry Class, I’ve not been able to read your class blog for a while so I’m really looking forward to catching up with it now. What a lot if interesting posts there are!

  3. Do you know Cherry Class I wish I was back at school, I do not remember my lessons being as interesting as yours. Thank you too to Mrs. Johanson I really enjoy reading what you are up to and how much you are learning.

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