Boastful Language

This morning we learnt how to use the boastful language we found last week in our writing.  Here are some of the sentences we up levelled.

“Jolly Johanson’s Seaweed Hair Wraps keep your hair looking glossy and soft!  Apply twice a week for outstanding results.” (Alfie and Annie)

“…you need Jolly Johanson’s latest, new for 2016, beauty product.” (Magnus and Freya)

“Look amazing again with a Sparkle Chain!  It is made from top quality plastic and will definitely make you look more stunning.” (Millie and Tristan)

Later we continue working on our Ancient Greek vase designs and some of us managed to finish them.  Don’t they look fantastic?


Ancient Greek Patterns

3 thoughts on “Boastful Language

  1. Wow – wonderful sentences – perhaps you can all come and work with me – some of my clients need your great sentences in their marketing!

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