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Cherry on tour – Europe

It is global week this week and Cherry are going on tour of Europe. We have been very busy looking at where Europe is  and the different countries that are part of it. We have used atlases and today we became the ruler of a country. Each child became an expert of 1 place and used maps to identify features of their place. They then have presented to the class about their country. Tomorrow we will be inventing our own European countries that has all the best bits Europe has to offer.

Hello and Welcome

Hi everyone we having finally sorted all the technical issues and have our blog up and running. We will attempt to update this each week so keep an eye out for new posts.

We have had a fantastic start to the year and the children are working super hard. We really enjoyed our stater project linked to the Here We Are book and now we are fully immersed in the Lion , the Witch and the Wardrobe. We have been studying the text and writing descriptions of characters and places.  The children lived designing maps of Narnia and we have used them to learn about compass points and keys.

Having recapped the 2x 5x and 10x table towards the end of this week we will be embarking on the 3x table.
As if this wasn’t enough the children have tried very hard at new art skills too- we have been learning watercolour techniques and have used these to design Christmas Cards.  We hope you’ll be impressed.
Here are a few pics from our busy first few weeks. Lots more to follow .

Wow ! Project day

I just wanted to say I was blown away with the amazing  presentations the children did today. They stood very confidently and spoke clearly. They loved telling us what they had been up to and everyone loved listening too. It was great that they were all so different . We had cakes and cookies , posters and powerpoints, costumes and quizzes and some mega models too. Well done Cherry Class you should be super proud, I am !
* pictures to follow

Global Week – The Great Outdoors

The Great outdoors it certainly is ! We’ve enjoyed a few visits outside today. We explored the boat as this is our part of the school grounds that we are focussing on . We brain stormed the problems with it and then we have come up with lots of ideas for improvements. Some of these we can begin straight away and some will need some time and money!

Here are some of the thoughts :

design a new flag

give it a name

improve the seating areas

a telescope

a wheel for steering


ideas for role play


Next we looked at maps, we explored maps of our local area and thought about the symbols used. We had a go at our own maps and discovered how tricky it is .

This afternoon we were outside again with Maple Class exploring Finlay’s garden and thinking about developments for this.