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Week 3-Hot Tasks and Number Lines, maps and places to visit in Woodborough

This week we have been completing our recounts in English and putting the final touches to our postcard pictures

Everyone has worked hard to make their recounts as exciting as possible and their pictures beautiful.

In maths we have been working on ordering numbers, finding 10 and 100 more or less and also estimating the position of a three digit number on a 0 to 1000 number line.

Our topic and computing work is progressing nicely and we have all saved an annotated map and started to investigate things to do In and around Woodborough.

We are having a wonderful time learning recorders with Miss Taylor and singing a song called “Buenos Dias, Hola!” In Spanish. Cherry are a very musical class. Oh, we mustn’t forget dance too!

Next Tuesday we are being visited by a local puppet theatre group who are going to tell us about the “Land the Stones Travelled Through”, to help us with our geography.

Next Friday is our school Harvest and Welcome service so please come along if you can, 9:30 am Friday 29 th September in the hall.

Week 2 in Cherry Class

This week has been very busy. We have been looking at place value in maths and using Base Ten and Place Value counters and grids to help us understand the value of each digit in a 3 digit number.

We know that 325 is equal to 300+20+5

We can also solve problems and answer questions about 3 digit numbers.

In English we have been improving our introductions for our holiday recounts, making sure we have included the 5 W’s and used great descriptions.

Our geography work included looking at the countries in Europe and finding the United Kingdom. We then used Digimaps on the laptops to investigate Woodborough. We found our school, Woodborough Hill and then many of us found our homes. We also spotted the canal and railway line, the roads and footpaths and also contour lines around Woodborough Hill and around the Alton Barnes White Horse.

We also have our first piece of maths homework, which should be completed and handed in on Tuesday. Please remember that homework should take about 30 to 40 minutes and when that time is up please stop and show me what you have done. Thank you.

Tomorrow is a Key Stage Two school meeting so please come along to share our work.

David and Goliath-RE Day

This morning Mrs Needham read the Bible story ‘David and Goliath’ to us and then we worked in groups to write a newspaper report of the event. Max said that the story was telling us how good will defeat bad.

Whilst we were doing this Rev.Larkey came in to see what we had been doing.

In the afternoon we either made a bag of five stones and the slingshot or stick puppets, to help us remember the story.

Please come to our RE sharing assembly tomorrow morning to see what everyone has been up to.



Welcome to Cherry 2017-2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Cherry Class.

Yesterday was so busy Mrs Chapman didn’t have time to take any photos but today here are some of our Maths work this morning.

We have had a whistle stop tour of fractions, units of time and naming 2D and 3D shapes.

In English we have been writing recounts of our Summer Holiday and we have started our geography topic- O’er Hill and Dale.

We are very pleased with our lockers and slowing getting used to our new class, Mrs Chapman is also getting the hang of our lovely new board. Please could everyone remember to bring their water bottles in everyday and then take them home each evening.

We are working our way through individual reading books and then Reading Award books will follow.

If any parents would like to come in and hear readers or help in any other way, you would be very welcome. Could I also ask everyone to save and bring in the polystyrene discs  of home cook pizzas for our work on contours, in geography?

Don’t forget Thursday is RE day and that there will be a whole school meeting Friday morning to share our work with you.

Mrs Chapman😀



We had a brilliant time at the Air Tattoo this morning.  Here are some photos of the various things we got up to.

Waiting for the amazing Red Arrows
At the Techno Zone

Inside the flight deck of an A400M Atlas (we were extremely lucky to be allowed inside of this aircraft).

Super Scientists

Last week we used our LEGO towers and bodies to investigate how shadows are made and how they move.  We learnt about transparent, translucent and opaque materials and we know that shadows are created when light is blocked by an opaque material.

When the light source is high the shadow will be short and when the light source is lower then the shadow will be taller.

Our Week so far

This week we’ve been busy practising our times tables for our last multiplication awards in Cherry Class.  In English we’ve been learning a persuasive advert using Talk 4 Writing  and today we finished our text maps which have been Seesawed home.

In P.E. we’ve practised our running technique and passing the baton in the relay in preparation for sports day next week. Tomorrow we’ll be learning how to throw the Vortex and will practise the standing jump.

More from Art Week

We have continued with our art work based on the theme of courage and have produced some brilliant pieces of art with paint, chalk, pencils and some decoupage.  Each of us have now contributed something to our banner and we can’t wait to see the finished product.  Thank you to all the parents who have helped with this.  Here are some photos of our amazing work and remember that school meeting begins at 2:30pm where each group will be performing a dance related to our value.