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Term 6 – Geometry, Poetry, All Living Things and Tennis

This term our new topic is All Living Things. Miss Mundy has taught us what it means to be healthy. We have thought carefully about what is meant by a balanced diet and we made these plates to show our healthy meals.

We then went on to look at our bones and put together these amazing skeletons.

We have also been outside  investigating right angle and quarter turns.

We then made  a right angle finder and used this to help us find right angles, obtuse angles (greater than a right angle but less than a straight line) and acute angles (less than a right angle).

On Thursday Marlborough Tennis Club came to coach us…


In English we have been comparing two poems – The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Edward Lear and ‘Gran can you Rap?’ by Jack Ousby.

We have made text maps and can now recite them and we have also written our own verses.




More Braeside pictures

Wednesday-town trail, afternoon of activities- low ropes, climbing wall and life line rope…

Thursday- walk to Home Covert, stream dipping, Andy Goldsworthy inspired art and mini beast hunt…

Friday canoeing and canal dipping…

Sorry the photos may be sideways or even upside down the iPad shows them correctly but on the blog most are not!

I hope you have all had a great holiday. I will see you Monday.


Week 4-Stone Age Boy in English, Stone Age to Iron Age Artefacts in History, Ascension Day walk, Judo and a sad Goodbye to Miss Taylor

How did we manage to get so much into a four day week?

Tuesday gave us no clue as to what the rest of the week might be like, with English, maths, computing and Spanish just like every other Tuesday.

But then Wednesday morning saw our fifth multiplication award attempt. In the afternoon we had a visit from Mrs Bates who brought in all her precious finds, dating from 500,000,000 yrs ago to approximately 4,000 yrs ago. It was great to be able to have a really close look at how much hard work went into making these flint tools. We were able to touch too. One piece of pottery had a thumb print in it and a couple of us thought it was amazing that they could place their finger in the same place as a Stone Age person.

Alfie was intrigued to hear that several finds were made on his farm.

We had to be very careful whilst handling the Mesolithic flints as they were very delicate and very sharp- Mrs Bates kept a very close eye on these.

She also showed us a replica Bronze Age axe head that she had made and started to polish.

On Thursday, the whole school went up Woodborough Hill for an Ascension Day service and picnic and kite flying.

Cherry class had to leave before the rest as we had a judo lesson at 1:30 pm.

We just about made it in time and still had the energy to learn a new throw.

After this we had our last recorder lesson with Miss Taylor

and at the end of the lesson the whole school said a sad goodbye. Miss Taylor is retiring after … too many years of music lessons and recorders with year 2 or 3. She has promised to stay in touch and come to watch any concerts or performances we have. Enjoy your retirement!


The Stone Age and Fractions!

This week we have started our new history topic by investigating  the concept of the Stone Age via the medium of toilet roll! We looked at this timeline

and talked about why this early period in history is called the Stone Age. We noticed that the Stone Age is divided into three periods: the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age, the Mesolithic or Middle and Neolithic or New Stone Age. It is very hard to picture just how long ago all this happened so we tried to put this into some sort of scaled timeline using an everyday toilet roll…

If there are 200 sheets on the roll and the toilet roll represents 1,000,000 years, then each sheet represents 5,000 years (1,000,000 ÷ 200 = 5,000).
Let’s put that into perspective, one sheet contains everything from the present day to the Neolithic. 5,000 years ago, where that sheet starts, Neolithic farmers lived in Britain – tending their crops, making pottery, building houses. In fact, at that point, they’d already been doing it for 1,000 years (the Neolithic began 6,000 years ago, around 4,000 BC).
We then continued to roll the toilet roll down across our classroom and down the corridor until we reached the last sheet –  that’s where it all began, everything apart from the first 2(ish) squares, represents the middle or old Stone Age.

On Wednesday we looked at another toilet roll timeline from the Neolithic stone age to now and still the end of the toilet roll seemed a very long way away from the present day.

On Friday we had a go at cave paintings. I’m sure you will agree they are very effective.

Thank you for all the amazing topic homework we have had in. Everybody loved looking at the models as they came in and we will be sharing them, along with other facts and presentations you have prepared. Photos to follow. Well done Cherry Class.

We have also been looking at equivalent fractions and comparing fractions in maths. We have used Cuisenaire Rods,fraction strips and fraction walls to help us.

Honey made this fraction wall to help her find equivalent fractions  on a 0 to 1 numberline marked in twelfths

What other equivalent fractions could you find on this numberline?

(Sorry about the quality of the photo. I will try to replace it with a clearer one later.)


Welcome back-Summer, term 5

We have had a good start to term 5 with our first judo lesson on Thursday afternoon…

We have also been working On solving problems calculating perimeter in maths and completing our Hot Tasks on forces in English.

On Friday we completed our work on forces and magnets by making games which use magnets…

On Wednesday evening we had our Braeside residential meeting. If you were not able to attend the information packs should have come home in book bags. We also explained drop off and pick up arrangements- if you have any questions about this please call school.


And Easter is here…

We have had a busy week and a half, ending with our Easter Eucharist in church.

We have had lots of fun investigating different magnets in our forces topic.

Today we were looking at the poles on a magnet…

We made some amazing discoveries and I was very impressed with the explanations given for these.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday everyone.

Our Class Assembly

It was wonderful to share all of our hard work so far this year with all our families on Wednesday. Thank you all for joining us, we hope you enjoyed it because we certainly did. Mrs Brewis was very impressed with your lovely presentation skills and clear voices.

Well done Cherry Class!

Our trip to We the Curious Bristol

We had a very exciting day out at We the Curious on Tuesday.

In the morning we explored the Animate It, Space Gallery and the Curiosity Zones

Then we all went into The Studio for the Senses Re-Wired Show. This was extremely interesting and we learnt an awful lot about how amazing our brains are.

After lunch we went downstairs and explored the Move It, Food, Our World and All About Us Zones

Please ask us to tell you about our favourite Zone.

Week 3 – Book Week Theatre 🎭 and Mothers’ Day Service

We have had a fantastic week of art and drama.

On Wednesday afternoon we all did brilliantly in our Woodborough Book Week Theatre. (postponed from snow day Friday)

On Friday we very much enjoyed sharing our Mothers’ Day portraits in the video and performing our poem. Aleksei and Inigo read our class prayer.

We have also been preparing for or class assembly. Please come along next Wednesday at 2:15pm.

In Maths we have been looking at Statistics, reading data from Pictograms and Bar Charts.

Our homework this week is reading and learning lines.

Have  a lovely weekend and don’t forget to spoil your mums on Sunday.