Diving deeper, religious RE and terrific topic

Today we tried a new task for our maths starter.  It is called ‘diving deeper’ and this is when Mrs Johanson gives us a maths question and we work in a group to prove if she is right or wrong.

29-11-2016-145246 29-11-2016-094703 29-11-2016-094605 29-11-2016-094032

In English we learnt a new Word of the Week ‘strenuous’.  Here are some of our sentences that include this word.

29-11-2016-112941 29-11-2016-112725 29-11-2016-112651 29-11-2016-112609 29-11-2016-112542

This afternoon we had a topic lesson and learnt about how Stone Age people survived.  They were called hunter-gatherers because they had to hunt and gather their own food.  They used all of the animals they hunted to make tools, weapons and warm clothes.

29-11-2016-145030 29-11-2016-145037 29-11-2016-145053 29-11-2016-145146

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