Egyptian Day for KS2

It was wonderful to see everyone in their fantastic costumes…

All Key Stage 2 spent the morning in the hall, listening to the tales of Africana Smith and taking part in games and ceremonies that were important to the Ancient Egyptians.

We were able to look at several artefacts that Mr Smith had brought in.

We found out about Egyptian gods, clothes and jewellery, their beliefs and practices around death and the after life.

We then went on to play a couple of games that were part of the very complex rituals after the death of a Pharaoh, priest or another important, wealthy person. The first game was very strange and involved everyone running with their hands on their knees. Mr Smith then told us that the reason for this was because this made the children look like ostriches. Do you agree?

The second game was all about crocodiles hiding in the grass and catching unsuspecting animals or Egyptians!

Before break, we also decorated scarab beetles and wrote good luck messages that would have been wrapped in the linen bandages of a mummy.

After break we placed these messages and good luck charms in our own mummies

A lot of toilet roll was used but eventually our 4 volunteers looked quite effective.

In the afternoon we worked in class. We started with tasting dates, figs, yoghurt and honey as the Egyptians ate fish, vegetables, fruits and honey. The majority of us enjoyed this sweet treat.

We then had a go at hieroglyphics- a pictorial based writing system the Egyptians used. We found that they are not like letters and can be written and read in many ways- top to bottom, bottom to top, right to left or left to right. Once we had found the hieroglyphs that matched the letters in our name we arranged them in our own cartouche. We also included other symbols from the Pharaohs’ cartouches, found in the books we have been reading. Some of these will be put on display and we will post photos soon.



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