It’s party time!

Today we had our Christmas parties and met Father Christmas.  It was lots of fun and we really enjoyed the games we played in the hall.

15-12-2016-124652 15-12-2016-125338 15-12-2016-125617 15-12-2016-133134 15-12-2016-133212 15-12-2016-133312 15-12-2016-133332 15-12-2016-133428 15-12-2016-133508 15-12-2016-133612 15-12-2016-133649 15-12-2016-133746 15-12-2016-133758 15-12-2016-133823 15-12-2016-133913 15-12-2016-133936 15-12-2016-143249

In class we used an app called ‘Elf Yourself’.  We thought it was extremely funny and Mrs Johanson will Seesaw the videos home as they’re too large to upload on the blog.

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