Kung Fu Punctuation

Today we learnt Kung Fu Punctuation to help us remember our capital letters and full stops for our sentences.  We practised writing sentences and tried very hard not to always start our sentences with I. Here are some that we wrote;

The bomb exploded. BANG! (Sam)

My brother’s pumpkin is growing lots! (Molly)

I shouted at my brother! (Skye)

Alife changed “I love Lego” to “My Lego is precious.”

We joined The Stone Age time and started our topic.  We have had a very fun day in Cherry Class.

4 thoughts on “Kung Fu Punctuation

  1. We are absolutely loving the do jo points and the class blog. My first instruction when we get home is to check how many he collected today. Ethan was showing me all the Kung fu punctuation moves. The full stop was a bit of a surprise as I was sat right next to him! Ethan’s favourite move is the ‘exclamation mark’!

  2. Wow ! We have never heard of Kung Fu punctuation before in our house. This sounds much more fun than when we went to school many years ago ! Nicola Smith

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