This morning we did Orienteering and we had to look for signs, numbers, symbols and letters.  We were paired up so we could work as a team to crack the code.

The champions of the first round – finding the letters that match up with the symbols.
The champions of the second round – using numbers to find the letters to make three and four letter words (tricky)!
The winners of the final round. This time we had to use the letters to help us find the numbers and then complete + – and x number sentences.


Later in maths we tried something new, adding 3-digit numbers using a written method. We are going to keep practising this because some of us found it tricky.

7 thoughts on “Orienteering

  1. Wow! Cracking codes…cool Cherry class! Looks great fun, especially with the clipboards and cracking the codes. I believe ‘tin’ and ‘note’ may have been 2 of them. Sums too! Very clever!

  2. Well done, Cherry Class – I’m glad you cracked the code! I enjoyed visiting to watch your maths lesson this morning, there was lots of learning and plenty of concentration! What a great Monday!

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