Safer Internet Day 2017

This morning we had a whole school assembly to celebrate Safer Internet Day.  The theme is ‘Be the Change: unite for a safer internet’.  We discussed what apps and websites we use and how we use them before talking about the importance of keeping personal information private.

In class we looked at photos and discussed how Mrs Barker and Mrs Johanson shared images when they were younger compared to how we might share photos now.  We understand that it’s important to not take photos of people without their permission and how we mustn’t share them with others unless the people in the photo give their permission.

We looked at some photos and discussed whether they gave a good first impression.

This afternoon we learnt how to spell words when you double the consonant before adding the ‘ed’ suffix.  We came up with lots of words that apply to this rule and then wrote sentences.  We had to include a fronted adverbial, previous word of the week and a spelling word.

We all gave our permission to have our photo taken and put on the blog!

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