Term 2, Egyptians, Addition and Subtraction, and Autumn Poetry

Welcome back!

This week we have started our new topic on Egyptians by completing our new topic page in our Topic Books.

We are very excited about our Egyptian Day next Tuesday. We have already looked at books from the library and found out even more using Curriculum Visions on the laptops and i-pads. Our English homework this week is to read chapters from The Ancient Egyptians (available on Curriculum Visions) – some of us may need help with this- and then find our favourite fact about the Ancient Egyptians and share it with the class next week.

In our Maths lessons we have been looking at adding one digit numbers to three digit number using exchanging, using Base Ten or our place value frames and counters. This will help us with column method later on.

We have been reading Autumn poems, looking at Autumnal pictures and walking around the school field for inspiration for our own Autumn poems.

Our poems will be ready to share at the end of next week.



One thought on “Term 2, Egyptians, Addition and Subtraction, and Autumn Poetry

  1. Great work Cherry Class! A great topic this term with lots of exciting facts to learn about Ancient Egyptians. Can’t wait to hear all the poems. Luca has given me a teaser……..CRUNCHY!!

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