Term 3 – Science, A Flash of Light!

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a great Christmas holiday and that you have a very happy New Year.

Today in Cherry Class we started our new topic, LIGHT…

We began with a short video clip and a sorting challenge which prompted lots of discussion and questions which we will try to answer during this term. We already know quite a lot about light but there are lots more things we need to find out.

These things are not sources of light.

These things are all sources of light.

We then tried to sort these into natural sources and  made sources. Why do you think we have three sets? Hopefully, if you ask one of us to explain we can tell you. 👍

Some of the things we want to investigate are: reflections, mirrors, shadows  and rainbows. We want to know how light travels, how we see, how windows work and why the moon is not a source of light.

We then began our new topic page.

REMEMBER this term we are doing indoor PE on Mondays as we are going to be learning how to play Squash. Our outdoor PE is tag rugby and will be on Wednesday  or Friday afternoons.

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