Terrific Timelines

This morning we started our history topic on the Stone Age and we looked at timelines. We started by guessing how long ago the Stone Age was and our estimations ranged from 200 years ago to 55,000 years ago.

In the hall we plotted our half term homework on the toilet roll timeline and realised that these events only covered the past 516 years!  Mrs Johanson used toilet roll to help us appreciate how long ago the Stone Age was. Did you know that it ended in approximately 4000BC?

image image image image image

Our toilet roll timeline went across the hall and up the corridor and we now understand how long ago the Stone Age was!

image image image image image

3 thoughts on “Terrific Timelines

  1. Wow, the Stone Age was so long ago! Can you please tell me was Stone Henge built in the stone age? Thank you in advance Cherry class, regards x

  2. What a really simple yet clever idea Mrs J. i hope the kids didn’t get bogged down with all that loo roll 😉

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