The amazing day of work

In the morning, we did guided reading but it was different because we did it in the library.  We looked at atlases and other books that are related to our geography topic and when we found an interesting fact we had to write it down for our display.

In mathematics we used Harry and the Jaggedy Daggers to learn about 3-D shapes and we played a game where we had to hide our shape from our partner and they asked questions about the shape to see if they could guess what it was.  After this we played the post-it note game to guess the 3-D shape which was great fun but very hard to not give the answer away!

Written by Thomas and Tiffany.

In the afternoon we started hockey in P.E. and Mrs Johanson was extremely impressed with our ball control skills so we started passing the ball to each other and we’ll continue with this next week.

Word of the Day was ‘disobedient’ and here are some of our sentences.

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