The Dark Cave

What can you see in the dark? Which colours or materials are the easiest to see when it is dark?

This week we have all been into a ‘dark cave’ to find the answers to these questions.

We shared our findings in this week’s Keystage 2 school meeting.

Our eyes are amazing things and we can actually see things in the dark, once our eyes become accustomed to what little light there is. In our dark cave the first thing we could see was the white bag and the yellow card. After a bit we could see the other coloured cards but it was difficult to tell what colours they were. We didn’t spot the black card at all. We then went in with a torch and could immediately see the mirror reflecting the torch light. The strips on our high-viz jackets also looked very bright and we could see everything else in the cave.

In the afternoon we watched BBC clips and read through a PowerPoint which helped us understand why this was so.

Next week we are investigating mirrors and reflections.

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