The Living Rainforest

Today we went on a school trip to The Living Rainforest in Newbury.  We learnt all about how animals and plants adapt to survive in their environment.  We saw lots of exciting things that include poison dart frogs, goeldi monkeys, toucans, stingrays, guppy fish, the giant taro plant, trumpet tree and cacao plants.  Some of us were even lucky enough to see Cinnamon the sloth and Harry the armadillo.

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4 thoughts on “The Living Rainforest

  1. Looks & sounds like you all had an amazing day. The sloth & the monkeys seem to be the highlight of the visit.

  2. What a great day Cherry Class had – Cinnamon the Sloth was definitely a highlight and I heard tales of stunt tortoises!

  3. Wow! It looks like Cherry class had an amazing day. I hope the new baby monkey holds on tight to his mummy!

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