Time and tide waits for no man!

This morning we were immersed in a Victorian School and were treated like Victorian children. Ma’am (Mrs Johanson) and Miss (Mrs Barker) were very strict and we had to work in complete silence. We were given Victorian names but thankfully we all avoided the dunces chair and Ma’am didn’t have to use her cane.

We recited our 3 and 4 timestables and did lots of handwriting and reading. After we learnt lots about Queen Victoria and her Empire. Ma’am was impressed with Agnes and Alonzo who were given the special privilege of being sent to Miss B to show their hardwork to.

Miss B came around for a cleanliness inspection and the girls tried on traditional clothing.

In the afternoon we did exercise drills before splitting off into boys and girls to do different activities. Ma’am taught the boys how to make and play the cup and ball game.

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