Week 5 – Christmas is coming…

As always we have been very busy in Cherry class…

we have been busy making our very special snowmen wrapping paper for the PTA Christmas Fair

and also on Thursday we made Christingles for our Christingle Service Friday morning.

We have shared our topic homework on Tutankhamen. We have all worked very hard on our presentations and artwork. Thank you all very much, I enjoyed hearing about all your interesting facts and looking at the wonderful things you all made.


We have been making a text map for the diary entry of Howard Carter’s discovery of the treasures inside the tomb of Tutankhamen. This is going to help us write our own diary entries next week.

On Wednesday afternoon we started to paint our Canopic Jars. We plan to add the gold next week…

And  that’s not all…

we have been looking at multiplication and division in maths. We impressed some important visitors with our mathematical skills on Tuesday morning.

Well done Cherry class 👍😀

We have also been practising our handwriting. Look how good we are getting

What do you know, even  Mrs Chapman managed to get an ‘excellent ‘ this week!

Finally, we have been practising for the Key Stage 2 Carol Service. We all have a line to learn for our Reading. This service is on Thursday 14th December, in the evening, in Woodborough Church.

Quick note – Thank you to everyone who bought our wrapping paper, I understand it sold out very quickly. If you didn’t manage to get a sheet and you are in Cherry please do not worry we will make sure that everyone who wants one gets one ( for the same fee which will go to the PTA).

Have a lovely weekend and keep warm.⛄️


One thought on “Week 5 – Christmas is coming…

  1. Wow Cherry’s! Lots of incredible work! Very busy and exciting time of year. Can’t wait to for the Carol concert!

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