Week Three

This week we were investigating mirrors in our Light topic.

Mrs Brewis was our teacher today.

We had a go at mirror writing- not at all easy- in fact it was mind boggling! Did you know that Leonardo De Vinci used mirror writing as a secret code?

We had to follow a maze with our pencil only looking in the mirror- some of us found this almost impossible!

We also used masking tape to hinge mirrors and were amazed by the number of images we could get just by slowly closing the hinge.

What a fun afternoon that really made us think about how light travels and the effect mirrors have on light and therefore on the things we see.

In maths we have continued to look at division. We have used pictorial representations to help us. We have also looked at remainders. We have been spotting errors and explain what went wrong and how to correctly calculate divisions. Please ask us to show you our work.

In English we are entering the Radio 2 500 Words competition

We have joined in with the Live Lesson, watched lots  of video clips to help us think about: originality, character and plot. We have also read the Gold, Silver and Bronze winning stories of 2017, in both age categories.


We had a great Tag rugby session on Friday afternoon but our boots and trainers did get rather muddy so they have either gone home in plastic bags or are drying in class. We were all reminded to take our trainers out of the plastic bags as soon as we got home, 😊🤞.

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