Welcome to Bottlenose Bay

This morning we returned to school and things were a bit different.  We were collected from the playground and Mrs Johanson read Harry and the Jaggedy Dagger to us before we came into Cherry Class, sorry, Bottlenose Bay!  Over Easter our classroom has been transformed and it looks brilliant.

We spent some time exploring our new classroom and all of the fantastic props that have been made by our parents.

We even got to use the compass in our maths lesson when we had to describe directions on the map of Bottlenose Bay.  We had to make sure our directions were accurate and we realised that there is often more than one way to get somewhere.  We are becoming experts at using the language of direction and learnt about the 8 points on a compass.

In the afternoon we started putting our class tune for recorders together and in topic we learnt about the continents of the world.  We had to find and locate these on a world map and some of us even labelled the different oceans in the world.  A great first day back and tomorrow we’ll be looking at Harry in more detail in our English lesson.

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  1. What an exciting start to the new term in Cherry Class! Thank you to all of your parents for their time and ideas over the Easter holiday. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your Bottlenose Bay adventures!

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