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The end of term 1 already!

Well it’s hard to believe that we have reached the end of term 1 but what a lot we have done in those six and a half weeks.

We completed our ‘hills’ in geography and art –

We now recognise many of the symbols on an ordinance survey map, including contour lines and how they show the height of hills.

We also completed power point slides to promote things to do and see around Woodborough.


We have been working very hard on our times tables. We have all used Times Tables Rock Stars and have all shown great improvement in recall of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We now have to work on knowing them inside out – division and with missing numbers. If we stop and think we all know how to solve these calculations now. The Multiplication Awards are very challenging and include very tricky questions. Congratulations to the six pupils in Cherry Class that achieved their Bronze Multiplication Award and then  a special mention to the three who went on to achieve their Super Bronze too. Well done!

On the final day of term, Mercury celebrated their House Point Reward with a very special arts and craft treat following on from an amazingly inspiring Assembly by the Kids Tusk Force. Thank you to Tabitha for introducing the school to this wonderful charity. (pictures to follow and on the school blog and Twitter)

We also had to say goodbye to Sofia, who is going back to Australia with her family. We will miss you. Please keep in touch and keep up to date with all that is happening in Cherry Class here!

I hope everyone has a very safe and happy holiday and I will see you all on Monday 30th October for the start of term 2. Our new topic is ‘The Ancient Egyptians’ and don’t forget that the second Tuesday is our Egyptian Day!

Global Week – School Meeting

Here are some close up pictures of the work we shared in school meeting.

In pairs, the class spent the morning putting all of their research together on a PowerPoint page, with a photograph of the festival they had been working on. The children’s Power Point pages and our photos and class work are going to be put together to make a record of our week.

Thank you everyone that sent things in for us to share and for your help with homework.

A big ‘Thank you,’ to  Mrs Johanson for organising a wonderful week🇬🇧🇨🇭⛄️🎉. Also, thank you to Mrs Barratt for Science Day 🙂🔬🔍

Global Week-Switzerland

This week we have been visiting Switzerland.

Our Week started with an introductory assembly lead by Mrs Johanson. The theme of the week was FESTIVALS and CELEBRATIONS . Mrs Johanson had found some information about the Yodelfest.

Eidenossisches Jodelfest – The yodel, probably originated in the Stone Age as a call from mountain to mountain. Today there are around 2,000 Swiss yodeling songs.

In the afternoon we went back to our atlases and maps of Europe to find Switzerland and then shared some of our homework investigations. We found lots of interesting facts.


Did you know….

William shared his Power Point. Others produced posters and information sheets.

Nearly everyone guessed my favourite  food from Switzerland was chocolate!

On Tuesday we started our investigations into Swiss festivals and celebrations. We worked in groups of four and chose one festival to research.

we also shared more homework

Sofia shared her Power Point and Sophie showed us a lovely Swiss made musical box, it was very delicate and you could see all the workings inside. It played a beautiful tune.

Jamie shared the photographs of a festival he had seen while he was living in Switzerland.

His mummy wrote:

Here are a few photos of the DESALPAGE
which takes place in Switzerland in October each year,
the cows are walked down from the mountains
( where they have spent the summer) to their farm
barns for the winter. The cows that produce the
most milk get the biggest bells and flowers on their head!

Wednesday was Science Day.

Incredible Ingredients.

As scientists we predicted, researched, made investigations, experimented, and drew conclusions.

Our challenge was to find out what is in the food we eat.

We now know what things are in our food and why we need to eat a balanced diet.

We then had a taste test with some Swiss foods-

Myself and Mrs Barker were surprised how many of you enjoyed the Sauerkraut, the cheese was not very popular but the Alpen and chocolate was definitely a hit.

In the afternoon our challenge was to find out how much sugar there is in fizzy drinks.

The Great Sugar Search

We were not allowed to look at the labels this time. We had to think about what we could do to test this – with a little bit of help – we decided that the heaviest cans would contain the most sugar and that these would sink.

First we made our predictions – I think this will happen –

Then we carries out our tests… This is what we did –

Then we wrote our conclusions – This is what we found out…

We had a fantastic Science Day.

This morning, everyone in school celebrated Holi Festival.

We had a wonderful time making our powder paint poster

This afternoon we made flowers and a cow bell as part of our work on Swiss festivals. Please come to School Meeting tomorrow afternoon to find out why.